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Ultrasound Guided Procedure Training


For one of our courses we were tasked with creating a medical training simulation for Ultrasound Guided Procedures by the LSU Medical School. They wanted to research if using a game/simulation to teach new medical interns would increase their proficiency in the Ultrasound Guided Procedure part of their training.


Platform: VR

Tools: Unity, Meta Quest 3

Duration: January 2024 - Current

Team Size: 16

Role: Gameplay Engineer


Gameplay Engineer

  • Design and implement game mechanics 

Puzzle Mechanics

Hidden Objects

All the puzzle objects are hidden until the collider attached to the flashlight overlaps it.

Interaction Based On Light

In order to interact with the objects on the table, you must have the sphere inside of the flashlight's collider.

Dynamic Puzzle Spawning

Using a series of transform locations, a new group of puzzle objects are spawned onto the table.

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