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Full Playthrough


Platform: PC

Tools: Unreal Engine 5

Duration: August 2023 - December 2023
Team Size: 8

Role: Gameplay Engineer

Play the Demo (Windows Only)

Gameplay Engineer

  • Implementing player and enemy mechanics.

  • Implementing world interaction mechanics.

  • Creating design tools.

  • Assisting team members with technical tasks.

Project Breakdown

In the initial phases of development, I separated all the mechanics that would need to be programmed into 2 main sections, player/enemy mechanics and world interaction mechanics. 

Player and Enemy Mechanics

Ability Wheel

The ability wheel functions as the interface for ability changing and as the pause menu. 

Player Combat


The implementation of the sword employs the use of attack buffers in order to allow the player to continuously press the attack key and still complete the entire combo.

The fire ability is utilized in the quest as well as in combat, so it requires a check to determine the actor it is hitting.

Enemy AI

Behavior Tree tells the Infected agent what it should be doing.


If the Infected agent meets all the necessary criteria, it attempts to attack and a series of animation notifies are executed.

Simple Attack Infected.PNG

One of the animation notifies triggers the collision for the Infected agent's attack.

World Mechanics

Dialogue System

This is the implementation of the interaction interface on the quest NPC. It utilizes multiple branches to handle the initial dialogue and allows the player to progress through the dialogue tree.

Quest System


This function handles spawning enemies and updating the current state quest.

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